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DIGIT-ALL project offers free access to three online courses in 7 languages that will provide the users with the possibility to develop level two skills according to the DigComp structure, which will allow them to use digital equipment safely.

Each course is composed of several training modules. Participants in the online courses will receive a digital badge each time they successfully complete a quiz in a training module. Each badge has an encrypted file attached with information about the DIGIT-ALL project, and the skills and knowledge that it certifies.

Course 1: Safety

The main topic is cybersecurity with a special focus on the protection of devices, personal data, health, well-being, and the environment

Course 2: Information and data literacy

Develop skills related to research, analysis and evaluation of data, information and digital content

Course 3: Communication and Collaboration

Focus is on the aspects related to online communication and collaboration, namely interacting, sharing, collaborating, participating in citizenship and managing digital identity

Project partners:

·        Orbis Institute, Slovakia

·        Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional Misericordia, Spain

·        Metodo Estudios Consultores Sl Spain

·        Uniao Das Freguesias De Gondomar (Scosme) Valbom E Jovim, Portugal

·        Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades, Greece

·        Ju Srednja ekonomsko-ugostiteljska škola Bar, Montenegro

·        Tarsus Ticaret ve Sanayi Odasi, Turkey

For  more information on the project please visit 

DIGIT-ALL is formed by three online courses:

Course 1: Safety.

Course 2: Information and data literacy.

Course 3: Communication and Collaboration.

They are available in English, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Montenegrin and Turkish.

Click the following button to register on the platform and access the courses:



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